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Linkstream software helps Marketing Agencies build outstanding SEO campaigns

Linkstream is a web application that allows Marketing Agencies to store all their links in one central database. It's simple to use, flexible and will make your clients smile!

Why use Linkstream?

Linkstream Web App enables Agencies to run their link building campaigns quicker, more efficiently and manage the process better. Ultimately Linkstream results in happier clients and less headaches.

One central database

All your data in one place. Say goodbye to hundreds (even thousands) of spreadsheets.

Firefox add-on

The Firefox add-on allows users to very quickly add new links using their browser. It is amazingly quick and easy to add new links to the central database. Download Add-on by clicking here

Flexible reports

Linkstream allows you to create your own reports. You can create reports that impress your clients, measure performance of your team and help track the amount of time spent on each campaign.

Import / Export spreadsheets

You can upload Excel spreadsheets into Linkstream. And you can export links into Excel spreadsheets for in-depth analysis.

Safe, private & secure

Linkstream is a safe application. It can be installed on the internet or on your own internal network.

To find out how Linkstream software can
help your Agency, please contact us.